samedi 6 novembre 2021

Glen Brown and King Tubby-Termination Dub (1973-1979)-Glenmore Brown Music-2021.

Voici une nouvelle réédition de l'album " Termination Dub (1973-1979) " de Glen Brown & King Tubby !!!


Tracklist:01-Termination Dub-02-Save Our Dub-03-Leggo the Herb Man Dub-04-World Dub Away with the Bad-05-Wicked Tumbling Version-06-Dub Universal-07-Wicked Can't Run This Dub-08-Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub Version 1-09-Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub Version 2-10-Father for the Living Dubwise-11-There's Dub-12-Version 78 Style-13-Lamb's Bread Dubwise-14-Melodica International .

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