lundi 13 septembre 2021

Bob Andy-Lots of Love and I-‎Cherry Red Records-2021.

Le label Cherry Red Records a récemment réédité l'album " Lots of Love and I " du chanteur Bob Andy !!!


Tracklist:01-Lots Of Love And I-02-Feel The Feeling-03-You Lied-04-Troubled Woman-05-My Time (I Deserve)-06-Unchain Me aka Set Me Free-07-Stepping Free-08-Mash It Up-09-The Ghetto Stays In My Mind-10-Revelation  

Bonus Tracks :11-Slow Down (12” mix)-12-Unchain Me aka Set Me Free (12” mix)-13-Movements (instr.) (12”mix)-14-The Ghetto Stays In The Mind (12” mix) .

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