jeudi 7 février 2019

Danny I-Life Is In The Blood-I Grade Records-2019.

Le label I Grade Records vient de publier l'album " Life Is In The Blood " de Danny I !!!


Tracklist:01-Inna De Battlefield-02-Lost Kings-03-Life is in the Blood-04-Storm Within the Storm-05-Just To Live-06-Consequences-07-Say a Prayer for the Youths-08-Dub De Battlefield de I Grade Dub-09-Dub Kings de I Grade Dub-10-Dub is in the Blood de I Grade Du-11-Dub Within the Storm de Green Lion Crew-12-Dub to Live de I Grade Dub-13-Dub Consequences de Green Lion Crew-14-Dub a Prayer for the Youths.

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