jeudi 15 décembre 2011

Discographie Terry Ganzie !!!

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Décembre-2011).
Voici une discographie de "Terry Ganzie" à l'occasion de la nouvelle dubplate que le singjay vient d'enregistrer pour le blog !!!
1993-Outlaw Nuff Reward-Vp Records.
1993-Team Up-Vp Records.
1994-Heavy Like Head-Profile Records.
1998-Loose & Running-Abraham Records.
1989-More Vibes-Top Rankin Records.
1991-Play Big/Uncalled For Badness (Cherry Oh Baby Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1991-A Yah Wi Born-A Yah Wi Live-Rude Boy Kelly.
1991-Yah Me Born (Cuss Cuss Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1991-Working Class (Run Down The World Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Girls Rock (Heavenless Riddim)-Digital B.
1992-Sex Class (Mama/Giggy Riddim)-Rude Boy Kelly.
1992-Treat The Woman Right (Mama/Giggy Riddim)-Rude Boy Kelly.
1992-What's Wrong (Operation Radication Riddim)-Fresh Breed.
1992-Whosoever Will May Come (Dickie Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Want The Loving (General Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Hardware And Lumber (Hardware & Lumber Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Ruff Chat (African Beat Riddim)-John John.
1992-Welcome The Outlaw (General Riddim)-John John.
1992-Prepare Fi War (Shank I Sheck Riddim)-Shocking Vibes.
1992-Mek Mi Talk (Nanny Goat Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Inspiration (Head To Toe Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1992-Rude Boy No Pose (Flex Riddim)-Shang.
1992-What A Gwaan (Three Blind Mice Riddim)-Digital B.
1993-Loving Fantasy (Carry Go Bring Come Riddim)-Greensleeves.
1993-Wanted Outlaw (Ba Ba Boom Riddim)-Digital B.
1993-Hold Me (Lecturer Riddim)-Digital B.
1993-Jingling (Rougher Yet Riddim)-Digital B.
1993-Send Them Come (Far East Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1993-Need A Woman (Operation Ardent Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1993-Tribal War (Tribal War Riddim) With Buju Banton & Tony Rebel-Penthouse Records.
1993-Nuff Reward (Love Punaany Bad Riddim)-John John.
1993-Freedom Of Speech (Rockfort Rock Riddim) With Josey Walses-Father & Son.
1993-At Your Service (Pick Up The Pieces Riddim)-John John.
1993-Think God Ah Sleep With Sugar Black-Pices.
1993-Sweet Lady (Bobby Bobylon Riddim) With Leroy Smart-Stars.
1994-Fire Burning-Saxon.
1994-You Alone (Champion Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1994-Showdown (Fireside Jam Riddim)-Rookie.
1994-Kings Of Kings (Tempo Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1994-Chosen One (Please Be True Riddim)-John John.
1994-Mi Gun Talk (Sleng Teng Riddim)-John John.
1994-Police And Thief (Mud Up Riddim)-Shocking Vibes.
1994-Ragga Ragga (Bull Dozer Riddim)-Digital B.
1995-Praise Jehova (Kette Drum Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1995-Lone Ranger (102 Riddim)-Cell Block 321.
1995-Who Is It (Swing Easy Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1995-Outlaw From The Past (Book Book Book Riddim)-John John.
1995-When Will I See You Again (Boxing Riddim)-John John.
1996-Mamma Africa (Things A Come Up To Bump Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
1996-King Of Glory (Electric Riddim)-Star Trail.
1996-Hey Hi Hello (Heathen Riddim)--Penthouse Records.
1996-So Long (Brass Gates Riddim)-Vibeshouse.
1996-Mr Chatty Mounth (Marathon Riddim)-Gargamel.
1996-It's Too Late (Burning Bush Riddim)-Star Trail.
1996-Jah Will See Me Through (Rumours Riddim) With Anthony B-Star Trail.
1997-Rise With The Fire-Flames.
1998-Free Up The Vibes (Everliving Soul Riddim)-Kings Of Kings.
1998-Good Over Evil (Revolution Riddim)-Aquarius.
1998-Mission For The King (Tale Of Two Cities Riddim)-Kariang.
1998-Yad Out (Words Of My Mouth Riddim)-African Star.
1999-Wicked & Hot (Culture Bashment Riddim)-Kariang.
1999-Can't Dictate (Give Me The Right Riddim)-Kariang.
1999-Crazy World (We Coming Riddim)-Gargamel.
2000-Revolutionary (Soldier Riddim)-Fat Eyes.
2000-Long Live The King (Timeless Riddim)-Young Blood.
2000-Mi Express (Asthma Riddim)-DejaVu.
2001-Welcome (Wild Flower Riddim)-M.U.S.S.E.L.
2001-Zum Zum (Extasy Riddim)-Shocking Vibes.
2002-Organize Di Vibes (Disciples Riddim)-Kariang.
2002-Free From Corruption (Heathen Riddim)-B.I.G.
2002-Jah Love (Ashaaam Riddim)-Vikings.
2002-Woman Fi Love (Time Bomb Riddim)-John Dog.
2003-Israelites With Determine-Brickwall.
2004-False Judges (Seed Of Love Riddim)-Kariang.
2004-Long Road (Born Free Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2006-Hail (Outta Road Riddim)-Cross The Water.
2006-Wanted Outlaw (Sit Down Pon It Riddim)-Real Music.
2006-Fat Girl (Smokie Riddim)-Twin Tower.
2007-Innocent Conviction.
2010-The First Time We Met (Box Guitar Riddim)-Tiger Records.
2010-Protect Yuhself (Entitlement Riddim).
2011-Roof On Fire (Electricity Riddim)-Tiger Records.
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