samedi 3 septembre 2011

Discographie Ginjah !!!

Nu-Roots-Dicographie (Septembre-2011).
Voici une discographie sélective de "Ginjah" pour accompagner l'interview !!!
2010-Never Lost My Way-No Doubt Records.
2000-Rise Above (Rise Above Riddim) With Beres Hammond-Harmony House.
2001-War Inna Di City (Get In The Groove Riddim)-Harmony House.
2002-Songs Of Melody (Forever Riddim)-Silly Wallks.
2003-Ghetto Youths (Rose Garden Riddim)-Fat Eyes.
2004-Manners (Hard Times Riddim)-Gibbo .
2004-Walking Store (Livity Riddim)-Kirkledove.
2004-Love & Unity (Wild Fire Riddim)-Lion Vibes.
2005-Black Sugar (Pagons Riddim).
2005-Legislation (Every Tongue Shall Tell Riddim)-King Judah.
2005-Inpiration (Turmoil Riddim)-Danger Zone.
2005-Long Life & Prosperity (Get A Beaten Riddim)-Rocky Gibbs.
2005-Go Thy Way (State Of Emergency Riddim)-Gibbo .
2005-Always (Triumpht Riddim)-No Doubt.
2006-Hand From Yuh Jaw (La Ba La Ba Riddim)-High Frence.
2006-Be Strong (Let Go Riddim)-Rootdown.
2006-Holding Firm (Holding Riddim)-Jah Snowcone.
2006-My Black Queen (Black Cinderella Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
2006-Just For Two (Critical Riddim).
2006-Fire Burning (First Sight Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2006-The Thief Says (Wash Belly Riddim)-Gibbo.
2006-Music Alone-I Land Music.
2007-Bright Smile (Gangstalaw Riddim)-IM Music.
2007-Bun Dem (Old Pirates Riddim) With Capleton-Charm.
2007-Just Caan Go Round It (Bay Rock Riddim)-Bay Rock.
2007-Dem Love To Pretend (Billion Riddim)-London Individuals.
2007-Know That You Need Love (Endless Riddim)-House Of Love.
2007-Fighting For Power (Overstand Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2007-Rainbow Eyes (Old Pirates Riddim)-Charm.
2008-Picture (Evening Breeze Riddim)-Chiney K.
2008-Guilty Conscience (Relationships Riddim)-Fresh Air.
2008-Love Music (General Key Riddim)-Oneness.
2008-Nah Give Up (Intouch Riddim).
2008-Happy Years (Country Living Riddim).
2008-Society So Mess Up (I Love Riddim)-Rootdown.
2008-Lots To Feed (After Effection Riddim)-Young Veterans.
2008-Stay Sweet (Obama Riddim)-Hardrive.
2008-Where Is It (Rock Steady Riddim)-No Doubt.
2008-Difference In My Life (Ride The Riddim)-Cousins.
2008-Never Lost My Way (Rub A Dub Riddim)-No Doubt.
2008-Welcome To The World (Drop It Riddim)-No Doubt.
2008-Positive Words (Genesis Riddim)-Cousins.
2009-Miserable Wife (Fresh Air Riddim)-Mr G Records.
2009-Nuh Waan Go A Jail (Love Nurse Riddim).
2009-Prayer (Sweet Riddim)-No Doubt.
2009-Trickster (Surfer Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2009-Talk Dem A Talk (Respond Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2009-Solidarity (Ghetto Riddim)-No Doubt.
2010-Serpent (Everlasting Riddim)-Pow Pow.
2010-Reggae Can't Done (Good Groove Riddim)-Chiney K.
2010-Hello (World Beat Riddim)-Chiney K.
2010-Desperate In Need (Gun Powder Riddim)-Chiney K.
2010-Time (Classic Riddim)-No Doubt.
2011-Bless Dem (Dem Talking Riddim) With Singer Jah-Reggaeland Prod.
2011-After Jah (Blue Skies Riddim)-Supa Hype.
2011-Crisis (Communication Riddim)-Fresh Air.
2011-Dem Talking (Dem Talking Riddim)-Reggaeland Prod.
2011-Guid & Protect (Shank Riddim)-Shadyville.
2011-No Man A No Stone (Lover's Rock Riddim)-Music Mecka.
2001-Mash Up Di Ting With Perfect-Lustre Kings.
2011-Souljah-A Team Music.
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