lundi 1 novembre 2010

Discographie Prestige.

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Novembre-2010)
Voici une discographie sélective de "Prestige" pour accompagner l'interview" !!!
1997-Speaking Out (Salvation Riddim)-Black Scorpio Records.
1999-Twenty Years Ago (Cousin Riddim)-Black Scorpio Records.
2000-Seeing Zion Remix (Friends For Life Riddim) With Garnett Silk-Black Scorpio Records.
2001-Black Woman Of The Earth (Angel Riddim)-Black Scorpio Records.
2001-Life Hard (You Should Have Known Riddim)-Black Scorpio Records.
2003-Wicked People (Revival Dub Riddim)-Black Scorpio Records.
2004-Nah Live Good (Born Free Riddim) With Mikey General-Black Scorpio Records.
2004-Tender Loving (Lava Ground Riddim)-Loyal Soldiers Records.
2005-Hot Stuff (Hard Drugs Riddim) With Anthony B & Little D-Delperies Records.
2005-Only One (Triumpht Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2006-Feelings (Road Block Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2006-Without Your Love (Key Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2006-Pretty Face (Vampires Riddim)-Royalty Records.
2007-Can't Forget (Eighty Three Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2007-Too High (Flute Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2007-Tonight (Trumpet Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2008-I Am Bless-Timeless Records.
2008-Dirty Heart (Ruff Line Riddim) With Ras Ghandi-Shore Jam Records.
2009-Equal Rights (A Major Riddim)-Breaton Connection Records.
2009-Equal Rights (Aspire Riddim)-Silly Walks Records.
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