mercredi 25 août 2010

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Aout-2010)

Discographie Al Pancho !!!
Voici une discographie sélective d'Al Pancho pour accompagner l'interview !!!
2004-Righteous Men-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2007-My Story-I Dwell records.
2008-Joy Bells Ringing-Lustre Kings Records.
1998-More Love In Zion (564 Riddim) With Spectacular-BLFS Records.
1998-Sing Sing (564 Riddim) With Spectacular-BLFS Records.
2003-I-Thiopia With Yami Bolo & Prince Bob-Zion High Records.
2003-Unity Is Strength (Alarm Clock Riddim) With Luciano-Lustre Kings Records.
2003-Salute With Pierpoljak & Bog In Taya-Barclay.
2004-Man Of Truth (No Politics Riddim) With Natty King-Lustre Kings Records.
2004-Poverty (Campo Riddim)-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-For So Long (Knowledge Riddim) With Junior Kelly-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-Keep Focus (Summerfield Riddim) With Natural Black-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-2004-Children ( Riddim) With Luciano-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-My Reputation (Upside Down Riddim) With Lutan Fyah-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-Start All Over Again (Wadada Riddim) With Jah Mason-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2004-Musical Mission (Liberation Riddim)-Zion High Records.
2006-Enjoy Your Blessings (Fisherman Riddim)-Blood & Fire Records.
2006-We Must Live As One (Chant & Plant Riddim).
2007-Me Come From (Bodo Riddim)-Minor 7 Flat 5 Records.
2007-Pass Me Di Herbs (Bay Rock Riddim)-Bay Rock Records.
2008-Gimme Di Woman Dem (Frustration Riddim).
2009-Hold Di Faith (Prosper Riddim)-Red Bud Records.
2010-The Way (Cleary Riddim)-Itation records.

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