mardi 1 juin 2010

Discographie Wild Life !!!

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Juin-2010).
Voici une discographie non exhaustive de "Wild Life" pour accompagner l'interview !!!
2009-Too Tuff-Easy At All Productions.
2006-Wi Lock Down (Emancipation Rock Riddim)-Palme Of Gold Records.
2007-Bun Di Chalice (Let Them Talk Riddim) With Black Warrior & Fire Key-Broken Stick Records.
2007-Free Up Your Mind (Glorious Riddim) With Jeffrey Star-Bassrunner Records.
2008-Dem A Fight (Vitamin Riddim)-Dub Akom Records.
2008-Let's Talk It Over (I Love Riddim)-Rootdown Records.
2009-Concrete & Steel (Prison Break Riddim)-Bassrunner Records.
2010-Kings Of Kings (Mirror Riddim) With Fred Locks-Goldcup Records.
2010-Ganja Yard (Collie Weed Riddim)-Jahsolidrock & Easy At All productions.
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