mercredi 17 février 2010

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Février-2010)

Discographie Ras Fraser Jr
Voici une discographie non exhaustive de "Ras Fraser" pour accompagner l'interview !!!
2005-Rootsman Time (With Phillip Fraser)-Razor Sound Records.
2004-Donkey Fuss (16 Shooter Riddim)-Free Willy Records.
2004-Rumours Of War (Party Time Riddim)-Razor Sound Records.
2005-Come Children & Gather Around (Mad Mad Riddim)-Fraser Sounds Records.
2005-Gi Mi Your Love (Shamrock Riddim)-Shoe Lane Records.
2005-My True Girlfriend (Hit The Road Jack Riddim)-Free Willy Records.
2005-No War (Father Jungle Rock Riddim)-Reality Sound Records.
2005-Praises I Will Give (Just A Dream Riddim)-S & J Sound Records.
2005-Trod On-S & J Sound Records.
2006-Dem Need Love (Pretty Locks Riddim)-S & J Sound Records.
2006-Mama (Summit Riddim)-Vertex Records.
2006-No Escape (Real Rock Riddim)-Razor Sound Records.
2006-Things My Eyes Behold (Ali Baba Riddim)-S & J Sound Records.
2007-Hard Times (Sunshine Riddim)-Specialist Records.
2007-Show Love (Deep Love Riddim)-Chilla Records.
2007-Tek Dem (Payback Riddim)-Danger Zone Records.
2008-Trod With Cutty Corn (Journey Riddim)-Danger Zone Records.
2009-Be Strong (Mama Riddim)-Yahbell Ent Records.
2009-More Then Frenz (Stronga Riddim)-Liv Up Records.
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