dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Septembre-2009)

Discographie Warrior King
Voici une discographie assez complète de "Warrior King" à l'occasion de l'interview que ce dernier nous a accordé.
2002-Virtuous Woman-Vp Records.
2005-Hold The Faith-Vp Records.
2000-Rasta Come Together (Rastamental Riddim)-71 Records.
2001-Education Is The Key (Storm Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
2001-Never Go Where Pagans Go (Tune In Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2001-Virtuous Woman (Zion Gate Riddim)-Lion Paw Records.
2001-Breath Of Fresh Air (Fresh Air Riddim)-Young Blood records.
2001-Negative Vibe (Jazzwad Narcotic Riddim)-Lakeshore Records.
2001-Righteous Woman (With Little Blacks) (Reptile Riddim)-Win-Glen Records.
2002-Jah Is Always There (Escape Riddim)-Isle Of Spring Records.
2002-Power To Chant (Girl A Love You Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2002-Black Woman (Ballistic Affair Riddim)-Real Music Records.
2002-Love Jah & Live (Love Jah & Live Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2002-Africa Shall Be Free (Tribal War Riddim)-Lion Paw Records.
2002-Empress So Divine (Rock Me Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2003-Baby Boy (Honey Cone Riddim)-Raggedy Joe Records.
2003-Love For The People (Better Days Riddim)-5Th Element Records.
2003-Rock The Riddim (Baby Father Riddim)-Baby Father Records.
2003-Friend Indeed (Zulu Chant Riddim)-C J Productions Records.
2003-I Love You (Whoopi Riddim)-True Love Records.
2003-Precious Precious (Silent River Riddim)-Voice Stream Records.
2003-Baby Girl (Gal Gone Riddim)-Roaning Lion Records.
2003-Keep The Faith (Stress Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2004-Why Do We Fight (With Commanche) (Juggling Riddim)-Jr Production Records.
2004-Life (Teardrops Riddim)-Cash Flow Records.
2004-Sabbath Day (Imitation Riddim)-First Name Records.
2004-My Live (Lion Paw Riddim)-Lion Paw Records.
2004-Can't Get Mi Down (Clockwise Riddim)-Digital B Records.
2004-Love Jah More (Forever Loving Jah Riddim)-Digital B Records.
2004-Where Is The Love (Soul Food Riddim)-Young Blood Records.
2004-Good People (Music Man Riddim)-Shocking Vibes Records.
2004-Love Is All I Know (Punanny Riddim)-Young Blood Records.
2004-Say You Love Me (Bush Fire Riddim)-All Access Records.
2004-Let Love Shine (With Iley Dread)-Kings Of Kings Records.
2005-Is It Wrong (Lonely Riddim)-Cali Bud Records.
2005-My Miss World (Black Shade Riddim)-Loyal Soldiers Records.
2005-My Love Is True (Hold On Riddim)-Digital B Records.
2005-Firm Faith (Dutty Rub Riddim)-Downsound Records.
2005-I Will Sing (Smarties Riddim)-Bread Back Records.
2006-It's Been A Long Time (Stop The Fighting Riddim)-Penthouse Records.
2006-Crazy People (Break Time Riddim)-Road Dog Records.
2006-Raper Man (Holding Riddim)-Jah Snowcone Records.
2006-Don't Give Up (Foundation Riddim)-Real Lyfe Music Records.
2006-Never Let You Down (Ovation Riddim)-Mixing Finga Records.
2006-Holy Words (With Bescenta) (Summit Riddim)-Vertex Records.
2006-Place Of Peace (January Morning Riddim)-Free Willy Records.
2006-Praise-Rootsdown Records.
2006-Comely (Bedrock Riddim)-In Time Music Records.
2006-Don't Go (Medallion Riddim)-Main Frame Records.
2006-Now It's Clear (Runaway Riddim).
2007-Love & Love (Eighty Three Riddim)-No Doubt Records.
2007-New Year (Five Star Riddim)-Five Star Production Records.
2007-Bun Dem Out (Weed Seed Riddim).Black Shine Records.
2007-Prophecy (Ghetto Biscuit Riddim)-Black Pearl Records.
2007-Melody (Highlight Riddim)-Fat Eyes Records.
2007-Jah Guide The Princess (With I Nubia) (Taxi Riddim)-Taxi Records.
2007-Oh What A Feeling (Ashanti Warrior Riddim)-Maximum Sound Records.
2008-Bad Boy (With Linval Thompson) (Morning Flooting Riddim)-Eloquent Music Records.
2008-Sign Of The Times (Morning Riddim)-Playground Music Scandinavia Records.
2008-Spread Some Love Today (Red Allert Riddim)-Rastar Records.
2008-Girlfriend-Charmax Music Records.
2008-Mercy Please (With Black Judah)-Teflon Blood records.
2008-Three Blind Mice (With Max Roméo)-Charmax Music Records.
2008-Kindness For Weakness (Reggae Is My Reward Riddim).
2008-Oh Yeah (General Penitentiary Riddim).Fat Eyes Records.
2008-On My Knees I Pray (Dirty Heart Riddim)-Buggle Records.
2008-Wanting You.
2009-Redemption Come (Lalibela Riddim)-Rastar Records.
2009-Yesterday Is Gone (River Walk Riddim)-Lazeme Records.
2009-Where Color Is No Issue (Happiness Riddim)-Fam's House Records.
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