mercredi 1 août 2018

Sizzla-Reggae Legends-Jet Star Music-2018.

Le label Jet Star Music nous propose de découvrir la compilation " Reggae Legends " consacrée au singjay Sizzla Kalonji !!!

Tracklist:01-Praise Ye Jah-02-Rain Showers-03-Haile Selassie-04-Thinking About You-05-Dem a Wonder-06-Set the Place a Fire-07-Slew Them-08-Baby Love-09-Babylon Get Demolish-10-Alert-11-Burn the Herb-12-Blackness-13-Homeless-14-Give Thanks-15-It's All Yours-16-I Always Think About Girls-17-Shi Want Mi-18-Long Way-19-Learn How to Love-20-Dress Code-21-Give It to Dem-22-Gunshot-23-Battlefield-24-Greedy Joe-25-Give Jah Praise-26-Inna Dem Face-27-No Other Like Jah-28-How Dem Flex-29-Bring Your Lovin'-30-Buss the Crowd-31-Burn It-32-Blaze the Fire-33-No Blemish-34-Mine and Only-35-Need-36-Reason for Love-37-Light of My World-38-Girls Dem Pretty-39-Whole Heap a Woman-40-What Girls Are For-41-What's Up-42-Best in Life-43-Badder-44-Blessing-45-Go Somewhere-46-Do What Jah Say-47-Dat Dem Love-48-Babylon Is Burning-49-Show Mi How Much-50-Heat Is On .

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