mardi 13 novembre 2012

Discographie Mikey General !!!!

Reggae-Discographie (Novembre-2012).
Voici une discographie non exhaustive de "Mikey General" à l'occasion de la dubplate que le chanteur vient d'enregistrer pour le blog !!!
1986-Soundbwoy Burial With Andrew Paul-Digikal Records.
1988-Fresh Again-Platinium Records.
1995-Stronger Rastaman-Vp Records.
1997-I'm Just a Rastaman-Jet Star.
2000-Spiritual Revolution-Redbridge.
2000-Wisdom,Kowledge & Overstanding With Luciano-J & D Records.
2003-Exalt Jah-Qabalah Records.
2003-Red Green & Gold-Vp Records.
2007-African People-Black Scorpio.
2007-Confidence In Self-Qabalah Records.
2008-Better Days With Luciano-Jahndahwest.
 2010-Born To Rule-Qabalah Records.
2011-Master Destiny-Black Scorpio.
Black & comley (Freedom Blues Riddim) With Sizzla-X-terminator.
 Miss Taylor Bwoy (Put It On Riddim)-X-terminator.
Say A Prayer (One Drop Riddim)-X-terminator.
 Woe Unto Dem (Gunzalis Riddim)-X-terminator.
Good Samaritan (Good Samaritan Riddim)-X-terminator.
Jah Bless Me (Tempo Riddim)-Flash.
Babylon Cake (Stealing Riddim)-X-terminator.
World Crisis (Move On Up Riddim) With Luciano,Chrisinti,Louie Culture,Iley Dread,Richie Spice-Kings Of Kings.
Jah Inna Me Head (Sweet River Rock Riddim)-Henfield.
Children Of Zion (Down By The River Riddim)-71 Records.
Praise The Lord (Chanter Riddim)-Builders Records.
Jah First (Free Love Riddim)-Ffrench.
What Are You Fighting For (Suden Attack Riddim)-Reggae Vibes.
Love & Mercy (Stud Buster Riddim)-Ffrench.
Bless The Stress (Sperlena Riddim)-Ffrench.
Never Give Up (Race Track Riddim)-Energy Records.
Liberty (Wanted Riddim)-Nuclear.
No One Said (Monday Morning Riddim)-Wedded.
Master Of My Destiny (Angel Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
Only Jah (Irie &Mellow Riddim)-Kickin Productions.
Save My Soul (Live On Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
Be Wise (Village Rock Riddim)-Stingray.
Let Love Be Your Guide (Under Jah Rock Riddim)-V.I.S Records.
Pray For Strenght (Heprocitical Riddim)-Shakes.
Nothing Lasts (Golden He Riddim)-Rashenco.
Senseless killing (Tribal War Riddim)-Lion Paw.
Nah Live Good (Born Free Riddim) With Prestige-Black Scorpio.
In Times Like These (Babylon a Try Riddim)-Qabalah Records.
Jah Will Never Leave Me (Curly Lox Riddim)-KT Records.
For The World (Push Come To Shove Riddim)-Pure Music.
Stick To The Good (Real Iron Riddim)-Tad's Records.
It's Excited (Silent River Riddim)-Voice Stream.
Let There Be Love (Revival Dub Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
Take a Look At Yourself (Hook Line Riddim)-Black Diamonds.
Ain't Got Love (Tempo Riddim) With Luciano & Michigan-Ras I.
Bad Boy Natty (Campo Riddim)-Minor 7 Flat 5.
Fast & Furious (Ten Feet Tall Riddim) With Radic-Katsjam.
For The Childrens Sake (Tell I Who Riddim)-Stingray.
I'm So Glad I'm a Rastaman (Tucu Riddim)-KT Records.
In Jah We Trust (That Little Girld Riddim)-Voice Stream.
Love Conquerors (Wicked Riddim)-Rashanco.
Better Days (Chapter a Day Riddim)-Our Promotions.
Red Inna Rome (Dub Inna Rome Riddim) With Luciano-Qabalah Records.
Inside Out (Rocky Road Riddim)-Jah Freedom.
Enemy Within (Bundle Riddim)-Platinum Recording.
Lu La Lae (London Rock Riddim)-Black Scorpio.
That Way (Rose Moet Riddim)-Pure Music.
What Is Going On (Badness Nuh Play Riddim)-Mac D Records.
Live The Life You Live (Judgement Day)-Black Arrow Records.
Looking a Way Out (Battlefield Riddim)-Tuff Riddim.
Rastaman (Rock Steady Riddim)-Cousins Records.
It May Be Long (Green Valley Riddim)-Steven Stanley.
No More War (Real Time Riddim)-Kabs & Ras Now.
Children Of Jah Rastafari (Time & Patiente Riddim)-Our Promotion.
Mama (Rugged Cross Riddim)-321 Strong Records.
Know Yourself (Tribulation Riddim))-Footprintz.
Only Jah Jah (Marrigold Riddim)-Marrigold Records.
Envy & Green (Holding Riddim)-Jah Snowcone.
Rainbow (Burn Dem Riddim)-King Lion.
Father God Almighty (Chi Chi Bud Riddim)-Joe Frasier Records.
Strive (Wes Rock Riddim)-La Familia West Records.
Mighty Jah Jah (Country Living Riddim)-Reality Chant Productions.
Only Jah Love (Genesis Riddim)-Cousins Records.
Come Away (Recharge Riddim)-Kick Off Records.
Stronga (Stronga Riddim)-Liv Up Records.
This Love (Oh Jah Riddim)-Sudden Vibes Music.
Hosanna (Rebellion Riddim) With Luciano-Maximum Sound.
Time Soon Come (Box Guitar Riddim)-Tiger Records.
Dem Nuh Know (Entitlement Riddim)-Leaf Of Life Productions.
Do What You Wanna Do (Run Run Riddim)-Stingray Records.
Life (Life Lesson Riddim)-J-Rod Records.
Innocent Blood (Sunset Boulevard Riddim)-NCF Production.
Something Haffi Gwaan (Six String Cutlass Riddim)-XTM.Nation.
Bad Like Yass (Happy Trod Riddim)-Leaf Of Life Production.
King Selassie Alone-Reggaeland.
Work With Uwe Banton-Al.Ta.Fa.An.

 Give thanks to Mikey General  & Fyah Torche for the support !!!
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