mardi 23 octobre 2012

Discographie Bobo David !!!

Nu-Roots-Discographie (Octobre-2012).
Voici une discographie sélective de "Bobo David" à l'occasion de la dubplate que le singjay vient d'enregistrer pour le blog !!!
Album & EP:
2011-High Grade Inna Mi Head With Iyahson-Almighty INI Productions.
2011-Four Seasons-Almighty INI Productions.
2009-Good Marijuana-Funky Dividend Recordings.
2009-Keep Me Strong (Wicked Love Riddim)-David Ghetto Productions.
2010-Who Jah Bless (Lion I Riddim)-Cultural Production.
2011-Fight For Justice (Cultur'Hall Riddim) With Pampi Judah-Cultural Production.
2011-Hustlin With Iyahson,Jah Shiloh, & Red-Almighty INI Productions.
2011-How Can I Complain-Almighty INI Productions.
2011-Never Gonna Stop With Red-Almighty INI Productions.
2011-Man Ah Lion With Perfect Giddimani-Almighty INI Productions.
2011-No Hatters With Sizzla Kalonji-Kalonji Records & Almighty INI Productions.
2011-Let Dem Move-Chop Chop Productions.
2012-World War 3-Everlasting Sensation.
2012-Dem Talk Bout K-Almighty INI Productions.
2012-With A Peg With Iyahson-Almighty INI Productions.
2012-It's Burning (Wisdom Riddim)-Name by Nature Records.
2012-No Love Like the Most High Love-Reggae Time Records.
2012-No Love Like the Most High Love (The Mango Tree Riddim)-Reggae Time Records.
2012-Allergic To Babylon-Kalonji Records /Breadback Records.
2012-Prophets With Ras Indio & Trevor Lyon-Trevor Lyon Records.

Give thanks to Bobo David  & Jah Mik (Cultural Prod)  for the support !!!

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